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Like a completely original and not flogged to death Terminator sequal;

see not flogged to death at all...

Its been a long time and I apologize for that, life has been very, very hectic but enjoyable.
So this week end just gone (28th -30th) was the UK Games Expo in Birmingham.

A wretched hive of scum and villainy... Oh no, that's the other one! Sorry...

A place where all manner of geek, gamer. cos-player, trader and many other things besides gather
to celebrate their love of all things card, miniature and board.

I was their to work... I know right; work? But some one has to and what better way to meet all the wondrous gamer's and collectors out there? I basically sacrificed my own free time and enjoyment
to ensure that you guys had yours. I love you all that much...

Check it out, totally NINJA!

But I jest, it wasn't a sacrifice. I got to see you all and I got to go with NINJA DIVISION!

cue - awesome lights and sound effects

Deke and Dave in the house!

I had the pleasure of working alongside Deke and Dave. As you may know Deke and Dave are some pretty rock solid chaps and proper gen-u-iiiiine games crafters.  

Yes I was a little excited.

It was a big one for them; Their first time here in the UK doing Expo, Forgotten king just hitting the shelves after much success and popularity and, my favorite bit, a chance to show off RELIC KNIGHTS. To share it with people to show them its here and to prepare us all for the new wave of awesomeness that is no doubt on the way.

So much awesome on its way

The reception Relic Knights got was great. So many fans who had backed it and let it sit not realising we had such support and a community going getting to see that they could once again pick up and play and be part of something great. And people who had only heard of it or not at all seeing it for the first time and being blown away by the really unique and cool aesthetics and feel of the game.

It was for me a pleasure to introduce people and reassure people of the great game we have in our hands. To involve them and introduce them to the UK scene for Relic Knights and get them on-board and pointing them in the direction of Relic Knights UK and the likes. A place where they can feel welcome and enjoy their hobby.

Not mastered the smile yet...

The Ninja Core doing their 'thang'

            +no members of the public were harmed in the making of these pics+

So basically it was a great weekend and in no small part thanks to those who came along and gave up their free time to do something they are passionate about and to help us; The Ninja Corps.


The Ninja Corps line up: Ben Clapperton, Cy Dudley and James Funnell and Rory O'Connor of the awesome Rory's Story Cubes  (check them out) even this busy chap gave up time from his own work at the show to demo something he loves.

Ninja Ben  Nadja and Gina

Ninja Cy and the Girls

Ninjas assemble! Me - Dave, the Girls - Deke and Ninja James

Me and Ninja Rory - not at all looking terrified that a big Northerner
 is near him and hasn't had food yet...

Oh and the Girls! Fresh from Takoashi University (Or Germany to you and meNadja and Gina
These girls spent the long week end destroying people, and us,  at ...erm sorry, I mean demoing
 Ninja Divisions insanely addictive totally innocent card games; Tentacle Benoto - Karate Fight and
Dead Fellas. (play Tenticle Bento..I dare you)

good honest fun, honest


Nadja and Gina are absolute destroyers at this game
as many of us at the week end found out!

I'll take this opportunity to thank the hard core Ninja bunch here and now, they were superb and we couldn't have done it with out them. Working with these guys and Deke and Dave? I am a lucky and spoilt chap.

As you will remember, I do tend to ramble, I have already took up precious minutes of your time so with out further a do I urge you to check out Relic Knights UK (if you have not already) and also to pop over to Ninja Division and marvel at their new game Ninja All Stars (which will be open to late backers on kick starter!). it looks great.

Reet, Im off, Go on...Bugger off!

* throws smoke bomb...pooof, fizzle...sigh*

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