Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Round 1... FIGHT!!

With the board set up we next needed to work out what forces we were going to take.

Like most game each model has a cost with the 'better' models costing more. Squads have 2 costs, one for the minimum unit size and another cost for adding to them. We decided to play a Battlebox game but the boxes aren't quite balanced so as it was our first game we'd play 25pts.

My Shattered Sword 

Francis Malory (Questing Knight)
Quill (Cypher)
1 x Paragon (Minion)
4 x Swordsworn (Minion squad)

Paul's Black Diamond

Leopold Magnus (Questing Knight)
Static (Cypher)
1 x M8 Blitz Auto Tank (Minion)
3 x Diamond Corp (Minion squad)

On paper a balanced list but Paul wasn't happy I got one extra model! ;)

We deployed within the first row of our board edge (3 inch on) and decided for this first game to just go and fight rather than worry about objectives.

I won the draw to go first and lined up the Swordsworn to kick things off.


  1. Why are you deploying on board edges? Even if you're just trying to get the basics down, you'd be much better off using the actual deployment rules as you're losing one of the main things that makes Relic Knights the game that it is.


  2. good point Ben, it was xmas oclock and the merriment was in full swing and i think we just got carried away! ;) next time!