Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Great Procrasta-TRON!

Hell yeah...
Each day as a hobbyist/modeler/painter (or however you like to view your self. Pure fried Awesome -o-trons my favorite) there's a constant struggle in our sole. Paint, do hobby or sit on the internet for hours on end 'researching' what you will do.
                 "I'm cataloging up colour schemes!"
                 "I'm watching 'source' material"
                 "I'm studying new techniques"
                 "I'm 'insert self delusional excuse here' at the minute"

 We all do it, its inescapable. We may even start of with good intentions but inevitably its sets in; the bone idle lethargy kicks in. It may be for different reasons. Personally alot of the time for me it comes from the little voice of doubt I get at the idea of painting something. If I don't paint it etc I cant mess it up. PITIFUL!

He used to pile procrastinating gamers like me 5ft high..
Well today I decided to get of my rather ample posterior and started the process of getting my Black Diamonds (the toughest hardcore bunch in any galaxy!) based and prepped to paint and looking sharp. (don't get excited...I haven't got round to painting them but almost!)

Something I personally feel is important in a mini is its actual base. Bases are part of the model and should be treated as such and have time and thought lavished on them. 
I wanted the Black Diamonds to have bases that looked rugged and baron. To reflect their hard nature the far reaches of the galaxy and tough spots they might find them selves in during the course of their contracts. 

Hard Core!

 As such I decided to make use of the box of slate I recently found when having my room/office 'tidied' (the wife assures me this is a legitimate thing...)        
Slate is pretty easy. Smash/break it up. The more random and irregular the result the better. This will help the effect look more natural. Plus as mentioned I want the whole look to be one of tough ruggedness.  

Soda Pop/Ninja Core have given us brilliant rimmed bases. this lends them to being more 'display' than many of the standard miniature bases out their. This lead me to not wanting to use sand for basing on them. Sanding a base is great normally but adds a layer to the base. I felt that with the RK bases having a lip, the sand layer may rise above it and take away from a sharp clean look and finish.

So instead of sand what to use? Erm... well, we cant just leave the base bare. Well I could... but 'Im not! Dont worry though, there is something ideal for this; Liquid Green Stuff! I know right!? Normally its absolutely useful for nothing. But in my room tidying I also found a pot of the stuff that has started to thicken. Using this to dab onto the base creates a fine level of texture detail that you can also control fairly well. This will help keep the sharp look in regards to the 'display element of the base style and will not be a big thick looking layer of sand taking away from the fine detail and scale of the miniatures/bases.

Any pollyfilla type stuff would suffice (and probably cheaper)

Hopefully (despite my pitiful Iphone camera skills, sorry) you can see the texture of the liquid green stuff. When this is dry and painted it will/should give a very natural solid ground/earth finish. 
Aa well as that you should be able to see the higher raised 'pointy' areas. This were easy to 'pull' up with a green stuff laden brush. I am very tempted to revisit them and build up on some of them so that I can paint them as emerging Esper.

Like this - ?
 Or I am quite tempted to have it as a dynamic energy 'build up' effect like we see on so many anime episodes. Which I feel could be quite apt considering the awesome and obvious Relic Knights aesthetic.

HUZZAH! I have done something... well done me. I rock. Well kind of. Maybe. 

On reflection though this means now that I am now one step closer to the greatest  procrasti-tronic nightmares for any of us...PICKING A COLOUR SCHEME!!


You may go now... I have 'research' to do...