Wednesday, 3 December 2014

So why the Shattered Sword?

Last week I was asked by Eric Falsken (on the Relic Knights FB group) to expand on why I chose the Shattered Sword Paladins as my first Faction in Relic Knights so here we go!

I've been gaming for the best part of 20 years now, both competively and socially but all for fun! So when Paul suggested I get into this game I had to toughest decision that faces us all...

...what Faction to play??!!

I'll be honest that at the time I knew nothing about Relic Knights short of it being a game by Soda Pop that had been on Kickstarter. I was aware but didn't know how it played or what was good so instead I decided, as I have often recommended to many a new gamer over the years, to pick a Faction I liked the look of/like the sound of. I think if you can find more to like in a Faction than just how good it is you will get more back from the game.

So what were my choices?

Black Diamond

So a bunch a Mercenaries with a Private security vibe! Very military looking with the armoured infantry and a tank in the starter box whats not to like? Well Paul had already nabbed this faction so it was an easy decision to dismiss these guys (for now!).

Cerci Speed Circuit

Nothing personal, but really don't 'feel' this faction. Not really into the aestetics or theme. Based on thrill seekers and speed freaks, girls riding on jetskis, mechanics... a fairly quick dismissal but just personal preference.

Noh Empire

Now a bit like Cerci Speed Circuit I didn't really like the look or feel of this faction initially but having seen them in the flesh at a demo session and look at a few more models online these guys have really grown on me! Maybe if I saw the Speed Circuit girls up close I would appreciate them more?

The Noh Empire appear to be the daemonic faction in the game and basically quite evil and chaotic. It's good being bad right? Really like the linked ability between hounds and hound master.


Academics, Scholars, Sages and Mystics. I've played magic users and wizard classes in RPG groups and although can be quite fun I think I prefer the warrior type - either tank or damage. The battle box does seem to have a mix of young wizards and a couple of large constructs/beasts. A bit indifferent.

Star Nebula Corsairs

Now then! Space pirates!! These guys very nearly got picked (not really a spoiler I picked another faction as I've already done the unboxing). So not quite sure what to say that i could quite easily run a Pirate faction, i'd drive Paul nuts YARRRing everytime I popped one of his minions and generally making a nusiance of myself! And thats even before you consider the Cypher is a Parrot!! Oh and the Big Skull headed cannon.

Shattered Sword Paladins

We have Knights, Squires/men-at-arms in the faction. it's seen as the defenders against the calamity and generally the good/lawful guys. The Battle box has a good mix of basic troops and a couple of armoured knights (which I have since learned have rocket packs!).

Finally the choice

A little confession. I was leaning towards the Corsairs on a purely aestetic/they're pirates train of thought but after a little discussion with a friend who backed the kickstarter and has played a bit they felt the Corsairs were seen as a weaker option compaired to the Shattered sword who instead have some good defensive abilities. Also the repeated models in the starter box for the Corsairs seemed a bit off for a Faction that should look quite unique and individual. The uniform look is more at home in the Shatteresd Sword or Black Diamond Factions.

So I liked the look of the models, I liked the general background and I like the sound of how they play!
So thats kind of how I got to the Shattered Swords!

What have you chosen? Why did you choose them? 


  1. Give the pirates a chance! They are super fun to paint, and have the best looking relic Knight in Calico Kate... in my humble opinion (cool model has 2x poses in the box)

  2. No you are right! They are very cool looking models and for me the Shattered Sword and Corsairs were my top 2 on looks/theme/how they play. I had to pick one and the Shattered sword sounded like more my style so they won...

    ...this round! You always need another faction! ;)

  3. And I say 'how they play' - with my limited knowledge and one persons opinion!

    Hopefully as the Blog progresses we will do a more indepth review of each faction. Strengths/weaknesses etc so new players can make a more informed decision than I did!