Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Tis the season to be JOLLY!

So I've arrived at Paul's and after a little last minute shopping for essential supplies... Need to keep hydrated over the Festive bread! ;)

I've set us up a little gaming table. 

Nothing to fancy but perfect for our Battle box game we have planned. It uses one 2x2 foot rubber mat from Mantic Games Deadzone and a load of Terrain - mainly Mantic Games fantastic modular Battlezones but also a few 'Trees' that are just plastic aquarium plants you can get at any pet store.

My Shattered Sword are assembled - just about!

 Need to grab my hobby drill back off Paul so I can pin a Paragon and 2 Swordsworn to their bases and have just blu-tac'd the Paragon shields on for now to aid painting.

We're going to play with just the models in our 2 battle boxes, Shattered Sword and Black Diamond. But Paul is pulling a face and trying to sneak on his Diamondback...!!

Don't think so Mr Scott!

Battle report and other goodness to follow!

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