Saturday, 22 November 2014

A New Begining

Hello and welcome to our Blog! The first post is alway the hardest I guess. Where do we start?

So what is this blog all about?

This blog is going to be all about starting out in the game of Relic Knights, a game by Soda Pop Miniatures. What the game is and how to play it. From the casual gaming at club nights and with friends hopefully progressing into Tournament play.

We're going to share our demo and practice games, hobby projects and beginners guides as we learn with you in a hope that others will be interested in trying out this great game and together boost the community in the UK!

What is Relic Knights?

Relic Knights is a Sci-Fi Skirmish game with a visual aesthetic heavily influenced by Anime and Manga produced by an American company called Soda Pop Miniatures. The game itself doesn't use dice and instead relies on a system quite like mana in MTG to activate abilities. 

Coolminiornot did a Game play intro video at GenCon 2012. Check it out as it'll explain all the mechanics for you! It's been stuck into the Useful Web links on the right. -->

The game first appeared on Kickstarter back in September 2012 and suffered some high profile delays. I don't know the ins and outs of this as I didn't know much about Kickstarter back then but we've got the game now! I may look into this in more detail in a future post, also into the whole Kickstarter phenomenon and how it affects the wargaming world. But let's focus on the game for now!

You can check out more of the game on Soda Pop's website

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