Wednesday, 26 November 2014


What to have? Who do I choose? What do I look for? 

Just how do you choose your Cadre/faction when exploring a new world/game? I am sure it varies from gamer to gamer. 
The more calculating of you out there, the budding generals and warlords may choose a faction for its tactics its pro/cons or any 'broke' elements you can ruthlessly take advantage of to crush your opponent and bring your dominance to the table top. Others might just like pretty minis ;)

but does it have a tank!
Me... well Its become pretty simple. Now some may say I am mildly obsessed with, possibly in an unhealthy way, with the wonderful machines of armoured shootiness; TANKS!! 

Question: Does it have a tank in it?  
Answer: Yes?
Result: WIN

Sign me up, Im in, job done. Its a no brainer! Mmmm tanks. 
And as if it was meant to be The Black Diamonds Cadre, not only the Universes most ruthless and efficient hard core mercs, have a freekin' dinky tank! And to boot- I can have more than one. Heaven.


So its settled, I am now to immerse my self in all things Black Diamond, no contract to hard no bounty to low! And on a more personal and much more important note - Tim passed over the opportunity to be repeatedly punched in the chops for talking like a pirate too much and chose to field the pretty boy do gooder's that are the Shattered Sword! Pah!


So now I have made my well informed choice... where to start. Well as time goes on and Big Min and I go down the RK road it is becoming increasingly clear that this game is real easy to get into price wise - but- the BEST start in my humble opinion ( I know I know, I am abusing the word humble) the best start for any player is the Battle Boxes. The really do contain all you need to start yourself on the Relic Knights hobby:

look see, it has a mini tank!

A questing Knight (a second in command type level character) Not the big hitter but very capable of holding their own on in the fight and varying levels of cannon fodder...erm sorry valued minions ;)
Minions are very varied in their abilities and uses.

 Also Mini Rules book, Esper Cards, Stat cards and Counters!

So I got my self the Black Diamond Cadre Battle box. Containing the Mighty Leopold Magnus and his spiteful little Cypher; Static.

Leopold Mangnus - M-Dawg to you!

Now, I did say that the choice of the Black Diamond was made solely on them having a tank (genuinley on its own a full proof reason) but I fibbed. I had on early peroozing of all things Dark Space, spotted something at least on par with tanks in the range - BIG STOMPY AXE WIELDING ROBOT!!  Sold and sold again! 

So to boost my little starter force I got myself the bad boy; DIAMOND BACK. Sweet.

stompy axe robot
All the factions have something cool and stompy robot like, after all its pretty much a requirement in the future for all your face stomping needs, But my big stompy robot has a big choppy plasma axe. Check mate!

Also upon further reading and delving it tunrs out  Mr Magnus is a complete and utter sod and fantastic and making things difficult for his enemies. Perfect. That appeals to me very much. Unlucky Big Min! Let the trolling start! ;)

So now I guess I have to get them assembled and based and painted up for you all! Pah.

You're never happy!


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