Monday, 24 November 2014

What's in the BOX?!

In Relic Knights you can choose to lead one of six factions

Black Diamond - Mercenaries & Military types
Ceri Speed Circuit - Racers & Daredevils
Doctine - Scholars, Mages and Mystics
Noh Empire - Monsters & Beasts
Shattered Sword - Gallant Knights
Star Nebula Corsairs - Pirates- YARRR!!!

And Soda Pop have made it very easy to start and get playing by releasing a Battle Box for each faction. Essentially this is a one player starter set but gives you so much more than some other games Starter sets - you get everything you need to start playing - rules, models, stat cards, Esper cards and counters!

The hardest thing you have to do is choose a Faction!

At the time of choosing I knew very little about the game so I narrowed my choice down to two based purely on what models I liked the look of - Shattered Sword and Star Nebula Corsairs. Knights and Pirates!

After a bit more digging and the real fear I would get punched for talking like a Pirate I settled on the Shattered Sword Paladins!

Paul has settled on the Black Diamond... they have a tank so don't find this very surprising!!

Keep reading to see whats in the Shattered Sword Paladins Battle Box...

 So... what's in the Box?

The Battle Box retails at $50/£36 and contains everything you need to get going.

The front of the Box art displays the Faction to which it belongs. So mine has my Questing Knight Francis Malory leading his force of Paragons and Swordsworn. 

The back of the Box has a bit of background on my Faction and lists the Box contents. There is a warning on the back about needing a copy of the Rules and Esper deck but the Battle Box does contain the mini Rulebook and the deck so maybe an obselete warning?

Once we crack the Box open it's clear to see how packed it is with Relic Knight goodness. Starting top right and working round in a clockwise direction we have the , bag of acrylic objective counters and tokens, Bag of Restic (Plastic-resin) models, 64 page mini Rulebook, 42 card Esper deck and all the Unit Tracker & Reference cards for all the models in the box.

Relic Knights is a miniature game so lets take a closer look at the models! We have a sealed bag of plastic models and bases. One thing that should be noted is the plastic appears to be 'Restic'  which is a Resin-Plastic mix so plastic glues like polycement probably won't work. Plastic glues rely on a certain amount of Polystyrene to be in the mix (hence the name Polycement!). I find Super Glue to be perfectly suited to gluing these together - and fingers so take care!

The plastic is sprue-less so no need to clip them off before assembly. Just be careful when opening the bag in case any stay pieces fly out (heads can be particularly small!)

The bagging process doesn't rely on particularly neat clipping on the manufactuers part so you will need a sharp modelling knife to remove the small amounts of flash. Also the gamers nemisis - the mould line!!

A lot of people get worked up over mould lines but lets be honest. ALL models will have them, it's a side effect of the manufacturing process. To make a plastic model two halves of a steel mould come together and the liquid plastic is injected in. If you take a sharp modelling knife and run it along the mould line in a scraping motion the mould line will come straight off. Although like I said this is the gamers nemisis and no matter how vigilant I am some always sneak through!

That being said I found these models to have very few mould lines and most easily removed. 

But to use the models we need stats! Also in the Battle Box we get all the Tracker Cards (Stats) and Reference Cards (listing the models abilities) that we need. I wanted to protect my cards so I grabbed a pack of Ultra-Pro Standard deck protectors and put all my cards in them. A little tight but as you can see they fit!

I then repeated the process with my Esper deck. These cards are likely to see the most man-handling but an added advantage to putting the Tracker cards into protectors is I can use a dry wipe marker to record damage and Held Esper.

That's the box unpacked. Next step is to glue them together, I'll update the progress of my Battle Box next week!

What Faction would you choose or have you chosen? Why did you choose them?

Would be interested to hear what else people have gone for!

Thanks for reading - Big Min

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  1. I chose the corsairs, I'm assembling as fast as I can so I can start painting. Really love the models :-o