Saturday, 22 November 2014

Relic Knights Tournament Rules

Early this month Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division Publishing released 3 documents relating to Relic Knight Tournaments.

The Darkspace Comradery have been playing at and running Tournaments and Wargaming Events for over 20 years. Many different systems, square and round bases, fantasy and Sci-Fi so of course we've taken great interest in these guides.

First up you have the Ninja Division Event Guidelines aimed both at the Gamers attending the events and the Tournament Organisers (generally the Ninja Division 'Ninja' or volunteer). What to have prepared, what to do at the event, and other useful information:

Next the Endless Hunger Tournament PDF. Works for events of 8 to 128 gamers and solely uses Gaming score to determine a winner. Although not part of the final score Sportsmanship is  still an important element:

And finally the Establish Order Tournament PDF. These events embrace all aspects of the hobby rewarding Painting and Sportsmanship as well as Gaming prowess:

UK Tournaments

So who would be up for an Event in the UK? February time in Nottinghamshire? Let us know! Although I personally like to see painted armies it would make the most sense as this is just taking off to run an Endless Hunger Tournament so people can play with unpainted Cadres if they so wish.


  1. I'm definitely interested in a tournament. February is a little awkward as I'm already away one full weekend gaming that month, but it is doable (as long as it doesn't clash, obviously)

  2. Where are you based redben? We could do it later in the year but wanted to have something fairly soon. No reason why we couldn't do another one in may/june time.

  3. Ah there no doubt a few solid places to play up home :)