Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I heart Relic Knights...

And BOOM - Like a level 7 hyper ballistic fun Mellon hitting a wall of awesome I have stumbled upon a Calamatis Space of a Dark nature!!...

the fun melon

Or, put more simply, I am really rather excited about Relic Knights; Dark Space Calamity.

(disclaimer; this post is mainly a happy happy joy joy rant - do not expect ground breaking insight - that's mainly BIG MINS domain! )

Welcome to Dark Space Comarrr...Comrt...codoara...Comradery, Dark Space Comradery!
As you wold no doubt have guessed by now, Dark Space Comradery is a journey of 2 incurable gaming fantatics, following us through he highs and lows and awesomes of discovery, getting to grips with and full immersion into a new fantastic game.

Big Min and I have for many a decade been serious card carrying gamers.  Once in a while we are still excited and attracted to a game or range that really peaks our interest.  And Relic Knights is just that.

Soda Pop Miniatures have hit it on the head perfectly with this IP. Fun, fast, furious and colourful, it combines a the table top Skirmish platform with elements of CCG mechanics and lashings of Anime/manga imagery that together make a very fresh enjoyable product.

I've found this combination of things really easy to indulge in, add to that a solid 6 playable and diverse 'factions' to choose from (and diverse they certainly are) on top of a very pleasing buy in price and BOSH - its a gaming win/win..

Even with all the above it gets better. As will become clear as the weeks go on (or as some of you may already know) the rules/game play are very easy to pick up but then develop and keep going, there is a lot of depth on the mechanics and faction play once you decide to scratch the surface. There really is a lot to occupy you. Its great for the fast fix gamer and rewarding for those who like to dissect and find all the nuances and tricks. It oozes potential and keeps on giving.

And then there's the rich well brought together and crafted background and world setting giving you a brilliant backdrop for all your games, combining all the elements of anime/sci-fi/manga that we all recognize and love. How could it be any better?

Well I hope as time goes on you will join us to find out and feed back to us your impressions and

Oh Oh!!! wait...there is one more thing... counters/tokens and stats cards...lots of them! Joy.

mmmm counters...

Ok you can go now, I have finished.  Go on! BE GONE!

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